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Reimagine Your Cabinets

Explore our cabinet refinishing services

Are your cabinets starting to look outdated? Do you want new cabinets without the high costs of replacing them? If so, then turn to Cabinet King Refinishing for your cabinet solution. We provide professional, high-quality cabinet refinishing services to give your cabinets the upgrade they need.

With our cabinet refinishing services, we can:

  • Spray on factory finishes
  • Change the color of your existing cabinets
  • Use low VOC environmental paint that's safer for your pets and family
  • Refinish your kitchen island

Learn more about how we can transform your cabinets by reaching out to us today.

3 reasons to refinish your cabinets

As one of the busiest rooms in your house, your kitchen tends to fall behind in the trends as time goes on. Cabinet refinishing is a simple way to revive your cabinets of style and class because:

1. It saves you time and money by not having to entirely replace your cabinets.
2. It allows you to choose from new style options.
3. It's a long-lasting and affordable investment.

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