Learn more about us here to understand the process we use to deliver perfection

In order to deliver a factory finish on your cabinets, we have quite an extensive process. We like to be upfront with our customers to help them understand how we work and what the timeline entails and how their space will look in the midst of their makeover.

We have a background in auto body which led us to the technique we use to refinish cabinets. We use a spray method, similar to airbrushing. This is how we are able to bring the clean, modern look to our finished products without any brush strokes or imperfections. We strive for a new look with our refinishing rather than a DIY or handcrafted look.

Spraying your kitchen sounds really hectic, we know, but we have your space fully covered and protected while we work. Our process is very "all in" in terms of your space. Unfortunately, we have to be very careful to account for every single area of your kitchen to protect your property while we do our work. It turns out much more cohesive this way, so you get a dreamy looking kitchen.

In order to best prepare you before we work our magic, you can find images below to better understand what your kitchen may look like mid-process. Again, it is all for the protection of your belongings and for the cabinets to look the best in the end.

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custom cabinetry charlotte nc

We Source Our Product Locally

From Monroe to Mint Hill, NC, our product stays within the state to deliver unique homegrown royalty.

We proudly partner with Decore-ative Specialties on all of our new kitchen cabinet products. They offer flexible, customizable products so we can help your dream become a royal reality. While everyone likes the same modern, clean, upscale look, you also may want a bit of flare. That is where Decore-ative Specialties helps us help you. You can take a look directly at their products and mission here to learn more about our local partner.